Campi's Pizza

Campi's Pizza has been serving up fresh and hot pizza to Western New York and beyond for half a century. Born on the carnival midway and inspired by our Sicilian heritage, Campi's Pizza pies are known for their braided crust and for being... well enormous. Stop in to one of our locations in Dunkirk, Irving, or a festival near you and you'll find Campi's children, grandchildren, and maybe even great children crafting the best pizza outside of Sicily.

Need your daily dose of veggies? Try our Classic Supreme pie.


For the past century, Campi's Pizza has been serving up the freshest Sicilian-style pizza at carnivals, festivals, and fairs throughout the US. Now, our boardwalk location offers a menu packed with all of your festival favorites. Fresh and hot from the Campi's kitchen are our signature enormous pizzas, mouth-watering Buffalo wings, and a few surprises. We're getting hungry just reading about them.

Carnival Style Pizza

At Campi's, a slice is a meal. What's the last time you paid less than $4 for a meal?

Sicilian Specialty Pizzas

Wings and Fingers

Desserts Straight from the Midway